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Electrocompaniet Prelude PI-1

SKU: APA2018-24449
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This integrated amplifier is a new design, combining the highest performance with the cost and quality benefits made possible by our state-of-the-art production facilities. The PI-1 delivers 50 watts per channel (8 Ω).

The Electrocompaniet PI-1 and PI-2 are our new fully balanced entry-level stereo integrated amplifiers. In the development of these amplifiers the focus has been to maintain the operating principles and sound quality of the classic line amplifiers, and at the same time reduce manufacturing costs.

To achieve this we have utilized modern surface mount technology (SMT) and optimized the amplifiers for our modern SMT production line. The result is modern looking high performance amplifiers with superb control and dynamics.

The newly developed protection circuitry protects the PI-1 and PI-2 against high temperature, DC offset and short circuit at the output. This protection has no negative influence on the sound quality what so ever. We have even removed the relay at the output to reduce the number of contact points between the amplifier and the loudspeakers.

Both the PI-1 and PI-2 features the same digital volume control as used in the EC4.8/EC4.9 preamplifiers. The bright and clear VFD-display is readable from the listing position and shows the input source and volume setting. 

Both amplifiers have two fully balanced (XLR) inputs and two single ended (RCA) inputs. Volume and input sources can easily be navigated via the four navigator buttons on the front panel, or from the remote control.

The PI-1 is equipped with a big linear power supply with a 300VA toroidal transformer and a capacitor storage bank of 40.000 uF.



  • Input impedance: Balanced input 47Kohm

  • Output impedance: 0.03 ohm

  • Noise floor: 20 - 20 kHz < - 100 dB

  • Frequency response: - 3 dB 1 - 200 kHz

  • Channel separation: > 120 dB

  • THD + N 20 - 20 kHz < 0.006% 

  • Maximum peak current:  > 50A

  • Damping factor: 8 ohm load >250

  • Rated output power: THD = 0.2%  

  • into 8 ohm: 2 x 50 W

  • into 4 ohm: 2 x 75 W

  • into 2 ohm: 2 x 100 W

  • Toroid transformer: 300VA  

  • Capacitor storage bank: 40.000uF  

  • Dimensions W x D x H: 420 x 340 x 77 mm 

  • Weight: 6 kg

  • Power consumption: No load or signal: 100 W

  • Inputs: 2 x 2 Channel Balanced (XLR) 2 x 2 Channel Single Ended

  • Control ports: None

  • Outputs: Loudspeakers

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