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When effects are an integral part of your rig, their power adapters and patch cables can often be the most vulnerable part, and the most likely to sabotage your set if they're not pampered. Rather than tossing your pedals, power adapters and all other cabling into a duffel bag after a gig, keep them safe—and ready to rock at a moment’s notice—with the BEHRINGER PB600.This awesome pedal board makes hooking up six 2.5" x 4.5" pedals as easy as hooking up just one (of course, if you’re using pedals that aren’t 2.5" x 4.5", the snug foam padding can be cut to accommodate pedals of varying shapes). The PB600 includes 1/4" patch cables, so you can leave your pedals connected to one another, ready to pass signal even when you’re transporting them. It also comes with 1 x 6 daisy chain cabling so that when you plug in the 1.7 A power adapter, all your pedals receive power. Meanwhile, all cabling remains safe and free of strain. Failure is almost guaranteed when you’re dealing with a rat’s nest of loose cabling, but with the PB600, your effects chain is always safe and organized.The Ins and OutsConnect your guitar, bass or keyboard to the single 1/4" Input in the upper right corner of the board. A pair of 1/4" From Effects jacks in the upper left corner allow you to connect stereo effects, and two 1/4" Output To Amp jacks send a left and right stereo signal to up to two amps.When it’s time to load out, just unplug the power supply, disconnect your guitar and amp, put the lid back on the PB600 and slide the locking latches back into place. The high-impact plastic casing will protect your pedals from the very worst dings, scrapes and scratches the road throws your way.

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The PEDAL BOARD PB1000 pedal board offers you the utmost in flexibility, allowing you to add and group effects pedals to your heart’s content.Get your effects pedals wired up and ready to play at all times in this protective, roadworthy unit.The PB1000 is an ultra-compact and rugged pedal board for musicians who want to pre-arrange and carry up to 12 effects pedals in a heavy-duty, yet lightweight, case designed to withstand heavy impact. It features a generous 1.7 A power adapter and includes all cabling to power multiple stomp boxes simultaneously.When several effects pedals come together, this tool definitely comes in handy!*Stomp boxes depicted are not included.*Ultra-compact and lightweight pedal board for transporting up to 12 effects pedals* Generous 1.7 A power adapter included for powering more than 12 devices* includes all cabling* Ultra-rigid plastic design withstands even heavy impact* High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life* Conceived and designed by BEHRINGER Germany* *Depends on the power consumption of the effects pedals, etc.

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 The BCB-30 is a convenient way for guitarists and bass players to transport and use their BOSS compact effects pedals. Made of high-quality molded resin, this case is perfect for small pedalboard setups.Holds up to three BOSS compact pedalsComes with daisy-chain cable to power three compact pedals (with optional PSA-120)Comes with audio cables for connection between pedalsMade of heavy-duty molded resin and is fully gig worthy

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