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Custom Integration

Everything you need to know

When you put your favorite song, you want to enjoy every string, every key, every tone.

You want to enjoy the unique experience of listening to your favorite music as it was recorded in the studio. This is exactly what the Premium sound offers you, with technologies that upgrade the sound and smart functions that solve your hands.

It's time to enjoy music and movies like never again by getting the sound you dream of!

It's time to enjoy music and movies like never again by getting the sound of your dream!


Ceiling speakers

“Hide the sound in your ceiling”

In any space that has a suspended ceiling ...

the speakers can be placed internally for all tastes and for all needs. Whether you want to enjoy surrounded movies or high quality music in your home, or cover your store or hotel with music or announcements, with "hidden" speakers, the ceiling speakers will offer you the solution you are looking for.

Choose the perfect speakers that suit you!

Built-in speakers

“Distinctive look, powerful sound”

For places with special aesthetics ...

If you have a modern home or apartment with special aesthetic in the space and at the same time you want to combine quality sound without large speakers, then this solution is really the best for you. Choose from a wide variety of built-in speakers based on your budget and taste and make the music in your space .... invisible.

Find the choice you like!

Home Cinema speakers

"The cinema in your home"

Cinefil ...

For film lovers, solutions installed on the roof and walls creates an atmosphere of exciting sound experience, as action scenes are now even more severe, rain and thunder come alive and the acoustic experience is stuck. Thanks to the sophisticated design and modern technologies, this type of speakers promise a listening experience without compromise, for extremely realistic soundracks and a complete three -dimensional sound of sound in movies!

Live the ultimate cinematic experience!

Outdoor Speakers

"Your music everywhere"

High quality sound ...

Enjoy the outdoors of your home by placing high -loyal exterior speakers and sit comfortably in your garden or terrace listening to your favorite music. Designed to provide coverage in any outdoor space, the "all weather" speakers offer the perfect solution with top quality and reliability. The high strength cabin of these speakers is certified with IP66 (Ingress 66 Certificate) an international standard of resistance of products in extreme conditions and especially in moisture and dust.

Now music is also in your outdoor space!

Wall Speakers

“Design dedicated to sound”

The elegant solution ...

The wall speakers meet all the needs of the cinema and stereo listening. Elegantly designed to deliver extremely accurate and detailed sound.

Placed around the television or any other part of the house on the wall are encouraged to enjoy movies or music without any restrictions.

Real enjoyment!

Contact Us

and find out from the experts what suits you best.

The specialized team of Athens Pro Audio is always at your disposal to inform you, inform and discuss with you any questions you have. But most of all it is here to suggest the best possible solutions according to your needs.

Get the sound that you dreamed!

In every installation we provide you with a range of services and we always guarantee the best result!

  • Visit on your space
  • Economic proposal based on your needs
  • Wireless & multi-room solutions
  • Implementation of the sound installation
  • We offer the best prices in the market
  • Communication and regulation of sound system
  • Technical support and after your purchases with two (2) years warranty
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