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500 Series EQ

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Rupert Neve Designs 551 Inductor EQ; 3-band inductor eq (500 series); low eq: +/- 15db shelf or peak, selectable for 35hz, 60hz, 100hz or 220hz; mid eq: +/- 15db with 6 center frequencies: 200hz, 350hz, 700hz, 1.5khz, 3khz and 6khz; with high; peak switches to amplify the q factor; hishelf: +/- 15db shelf or peak, selectable for 8khz and 16khz; locut: 12db / octave at 80hz; rupert neve custom transformer; Format: API Series 500 Rack

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The Heritage Audio 1084 has been engineered to fill input module slots in the restoration process of vintage 80 Series sound mixing consoles. It is also compatible with the Heritage Audio Frame 8 and Rack 2 powered enclosures. Special care has been taken in sourcing the correct components that ensure performance will be as close to a 1070s unit as it is possible nowadays. Custom polystyrene and film tone capacitors have been developed to closely match the Siemens Styroflex and Mullard Mustard types of the late 60s and early 70s. Custom input transformers have also been co designed with Carnhill Transformers´ Oxford factory to our special requirements. The Heritage Audio 1084 is entirely handmade in our facilities in Spain, employing the same old-fashioned wiring and soldering techniques of the 70s. All its circuitry is held into five plug in cards. Specifications: Microphone input impedance: HI, 1200 Ohm minimum, LO, 300 Ohm minimum. Higher gain positions gradually have greater impedances, optimum for low gain ribbon mics. Input is transformer balanced and floating. Line input impedance: 10KOhms bridging, transformer balanced and floating. Output impedance: Less than 75 Ohms, transformer balanced and floating, to drive a load of 600 Ohms. Maximum output: Greater than +26dBu into 600 Ohms, THD: Less than 0.025% at 1Khz, Less than 0.05% at 100Hz. Frequency response :20Hz (+0.3dB) to 20Khz (-0.2dB). Maximum Gain: Slightly greater than 80dB. Noise: Less than -100dBu. Power consumption: Less than 110 mA @24VDC.

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Few equalizers enjoy the respect and admiration of the coveted API 550A. Designed by the now legendary Saul Walker in the late 60's, the discrete 550A was first used as a modular OEM equalizer. As the industry rapidly embraced the sonic quality of the 550A, it quickly found it's way into many custom console designs by Frank DeMedio and other leading engineers. Many of these consoles are still in use today.Forty years later, the 550A remains the standard against which other EQ's are measured, and it has played a major role in the recording industry for decades. Still copied but never duplicated, the 550A became API's standard channel module EQ when the company began manufacturing consoles in 1971. With virtually all existing units spoken for, popular demand for this EQ resulted in API finally resuming production in 2004.With the long-awaited reissue of this unit, an EQ that has had such a part in the history of recording is continuing to make history in today's music.         FEATURES3 bands of classic API equalization Each band offers 5 API selected frequency centers Reciprocal and repeatable filtering maximum 12 dB of boost/cut per band EQ Band 1 and 3 offer shelf/peak switching "Proportional Q" narrows filter Q at extremes Traditional API fully discrete circuit design High headroom +30 dB clip level

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The API 550 EQ played a major part in the history of music recording in the USA during the 60's and 70's. Originally conceived for use in API's consoles, this latest 550 "B" version is a continuation of the original 1967 550 through the 550A with one additional filter band and several new frequencies. Incorporating API's exclusive circuitry and proprietary components (such as the legendary API 2520 op-amp), the 550B artfully blends the past with the present. So many hit records still depend on the unique 550 sound, that the 550B will be an invaluable tool you will turn to again and again. The API 550B—unlike any other you will ever use.Many EQ's today offer a huge assortment of complex features, but the API 550B provides exactly the right number of controls to the professional engineer. Deceptively simple at first glance, the 550B's four EQ bands are overlapped significantly to aid in dual roles as problem solver and sweetening device. Each band offers 7 switchable filter frequencies spanning 4 to 5 octaves, selected through experience by a "who's who" list of the industry's most proficient engineers. This re-issue design has been taken from the original blue prints and spec control drawings from the API archives.Features: 4 bands of our famous sounding equalizationEach band offers 7 API selected frequency centersReciprocal and repeatable filtering12 dB of boost/cut per bandEQ Band 1 and 4 offer shelf/peak switching"Proportional Q" narrows filter Q at extremesTraditional API fully discrete circuit designHigh headroom +30 dB clip levelRe-issue of 1967 API 550 EQ with an extra band

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