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The 4K Blu-ray player for videophiles and audiophilesCall this a slight re-tooling of Panasonic's DP-UB9000 4K Blu-ray player — and our best audiophile Blu-ray player of 2021. This heavy-duty machine boasts the best picture quality available today for your 4K TV or 4K projector, thanks to Panasonic's advanced video processing and flexible adjustments. You'll get the most out of your 4K Blu-ray discs and upconverted 1080p discs. And the internal audio circuitry is still top-shelf. Panasonic has updated the built-in digital-to-audio converters to high-grade ESS Sabre DAC chips, so you won't skip a beat when playing your CD collection or high-resolution music files.Getting the best HDR picture qualityA big part of why 4K Blu-ray and streamed 4K content looks so lifelike is HDR — High Dynamic Range. It can provide a much wider range of contrast and colors than HDTVs ever could. But while all current 4K TVs can accept HDR-enhanced signals, many can't display the full potential of HDR due to their limited peak brightness.It comes down to "nits"...A TV's brightness is measured in "nits." Before TVs had HDR, typical peak brightness was around 250-300 nits, and most TV shows and movies were mastered at 100 nits. By comparison, today's OLED and midrange LED-LCD 4K TVs produce peaks of 700-1000 nits, and a handful of the brightest LED TVs can hit peaks of 1200-1500 nits. Meanwhile, 4K/HDR content is mastered at levels up to 4000 nits — way beyond the capability of any consumer 4K TV....and tone mappingSo how do you display 4000-nit content on a TV capable of only 25% of that brightness level? Tone mapping. This process helps a TV properly display content with higher peak brightness than the TV was designed to support. There's a lot of variation in the way tone mapping works from one TV maker to another, and what often happens on high-brightness material is the extreme highlights are "clipped," resulting in a "blown out" look that obscures detail.Panasonic has developed some unique menu controls that make it easy to improve the look of HDR-enhanced content on your 4K TV. For example, you can choose from several tone-mapping options that are customized for different TV or projector brightness levels: OLED, High Luminance Projector, Basic Luminance Projector, Super High Luminance LCD, Middle/High Luminance LCD, and Basic Luminance LCD.Selecting the appropriate setting for your display should provide better-looking HDR picture quality with more visible fine detail in bright and dark areas of the screen.You can further fine-tune HDR performance by adjusting brightness based on the light level in your room. These picture adjustments work whether you're watching a UHD Blu-ray disc or 4K streamed content using the player's built-in apps.Sound that keeps you rivetedPanasonic didn't forget about the sound — all the top movie formats are supported. There's built-in processing for the most common flavors of Dolby and DTS surround, and you can send three-dimensional audio formats like Dolby Atmos or DTS:X to a compatible receiver via HDMI. When it comes to music, the player delivers rich, detailed sound for your CDs, and its high-performance ESS DAC can handle high-res PCM and DSD audio files.Panasonic paid a lot of attention to the construction of this player, for better sound with hi-fi home theater and stereo systems. This is one of the very few Blu-ray players you'll find with a vibration-reducing metal chassis, and the disc drive is rock solid. Panasonic's engineers separated the power for the audio DAC and analog output circuit, greatly reducing noise generated by the optical drive and video signal processing.The DP-UB9000's versatile design includes a 7.1-channel set of RCA outputs for getting great surround sound even when connecting to A/V receivers that lack HDMI.

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Premium 4K Blu-ray Player for the Best in Sound & VisionThis full-sized player pulls together everything we know about great sound & beautiful pictures. Unique chroma processing gets the most from UHD HDR content & ensures your 4K TV will shine.The Ultra HD Blu-ray Player UB820 faithfully reproduces the director's intended images. Unique chroma processing technology maximizes the beauty of 4K HDR content. Network functions also enable enjoyment of various types of 4K content. Plays Blu-ray & DVD discs.Unique imaging technology for a Hollywood Cinema ExperienceHCX Processor for Ultra HD Blu-rayOur Hollywood Cinema Experience, or HCX, picture processor is now inside our new UHD Blu-ray Players. Our years of picture know-how & collaboration with Hollywood studios*, are captured in this chip to deliver precise colour and picture definition.* Supervised by Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory.Experience stunning 4K picturesMulti HDR SupportOur new Ultra HD Blu-ray players support multiple HDR formats, such as HDR10 – the standard format for films and UHD Blu-ray discs. They now also support HDR10+ playback with dynamic metadata, while the UB820 is compatible with Dolby Vision too. All models support Hybrid Log-Gamma as well.HDR Content with Even Greater ClarityHDR OptimiserOur original image processing technologies achieve HDR images with higher definition than before. Tone mapping is used to adjust the brightness level of the content. And even HDR images from ordinary HDR10 and TV footage, which do not support special new formats like HDR10+ and Dolby Vision, provide optimal playback.Stunning Colour & Detail4K High-Precision Chroma ProcessorTechnology from Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory, the base for Blu-ray Disc Research & Development, are applied to our unique 4K High Precision Chroma Processing. 4K image colour signals (4:2:0) are interpolated into 4K (4:4:4) by a multi-tap chroma process, for natural texture and depth.lessExperiencing studio master sound qualityHigh-Resolution Audio PlaybackThis model is designed for high-resolution audio reproduction. In addition to the conventional WAV/FLAC/MP3/AAC/WMA/AIFF formats, DSD (5.6 MHz/2.8 MHz/11.2MHz) and ALAC music files can be reproduced. Simply connect to your home audio system to enjoy music sources equivalent to studio master sound quality.* The product with this logo is conformed to High-Resolution Audio standard defined by Japan Audio Society. This logo is used under

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Experience stunning 4K picturesMulti HDR SupportPanasonic Ultra HD Blu-ray Players support multiple HDR formats, such as HDR10, which is the standard HDR format for films, and UHD Blu-ray discs. They newly support HDR playback of HDR10+TM dynamic metadata, the next-generation standard. The synergistic effect achieved with Panasonic's original high-quality image technologies enables even more precise image expression.HDR OptimiserTone mapping is used to adjust the brightness level of the content. And even HDR images from ordinary HDR10 and TV footage, which do not support special new formats like HDR10+, provide optimal playback.Ultra HD Blu-ray PlaybackWith the UB150 you can enjoy the vibrant colours and high contrast images of Ultra HD Blu-ray discs. Our unique, high-quality technology delivers more natural textures in stunning 4K resolution.4K Video and JPEG PlaybackEnjoy the memories of magnificent vacation trips or precious images of family and friends taken with a camera or camcorder on your Ultra HD TV screen. You can reproduce 4K videos* in MP4 and output JPEG** data in 4K resolution to relive the beautiful moments again.* For 4K Up-scaling playback a TV with same resolution is required.** MP4/MKV/TS (H.264/HEVC) Up to 3840x2160 25p/ 30p, 4096x2160High-Resolution AudioThe UB150 4K Blu-ray Player is designed for high-resolution audio reproduction. In addition to the conventional WAV/FLAC/MP3/AAC/WMA/AIFF formats, DSD (2.8 MHz/5.6 MHz /11.2MHz) and ALAC music files can be reproduced. Simply connect to your home audio system to enjoy music sources equivalent to studio master sound quality.* The product with this logo is conformed to High-Resolution *The product with this logo is conformed to High-Resolution Audio standard defined by Japan Audio Society. This logo is used under license from Japan Audio Society

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The DV-D01U is a 1U rack-mountable single disc player with a powered loading tray. The DVD player reads DVD Video, DVD Audio (2-channel only), Video CD, CD-DA, MP3, WMA, WAV, JPEG, ASF, MPEG-2/MPEG-1, and DivX. The player is capable of playing back properly finalized DVD +R/+RW discs. Outputs consist of HDMI audio/video out and Composite, S-Video, and Component video outputs. Rear panel stereo outputs are unbalanced (RCA) and digital outputs are optical. Digital outputs can pass Dolby Digital and DTS surround streams for later decoding.The DV-D01U performs multiple playback modes, including slow motion and frame by frame playback, power on play, aspect adjustment, selectable scan mode, tray-lock, FVPP, and Progressive Scan. When stopped the DVD player output is black. The DV-D01U provides extensive bi-directional RS-232 serial control. I/R remote control included. DV-D01U is equipped with a screen saver function and defeatable On-Screen Icons. The unit is also able to play "finalized" +R/+RW (video format discs only). The TASCAM DV-D01U is HDCP compliant.

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From established hifi and home cinema manufacturer Denon, comes the RBD-X1000, an all-in-one home cinema receiver and Blu-ray/DVD Player which is perfect for where space is at a premium. The RBDX1000 features Blu-ray and DVD movie playback with full 1080p HD video output via HDMI. Blu-ray pictures are superbly rich and detailed and DVDs are upscaled to 1080p so they'll also look fantastic on your HD-ready flatscreen TV. There's also support for Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD for exhillerating high definition sound. Via its Ethernet network socket, you can also connect the RBDX1000 to your home Internet connection and access the exciting BD-Live features found on many discs. This compact system is not only a top-notch home cinema system, but is also a capable hifi system. Sound quality is impressive. The system packs in a 2 x 70 watt (into 6 Ohms) amplifier and is ready for use with your own choice of stereo speakers. If your want some extra punch, there's also a dedicated subwoofer output. The Denon will play CDs as well as portable files such as MP3s from disc or USB devices such as memory sticks and flash drives. Via USB, there's also support for direct digital connection of an iPod or iPhone. This connection bypasses the digital to analogue conversion of the iPod and uses the RBDX1000's superior on-board DAC. Non iPod MP3 players can also be connected using the handy front panel auxilliary input. Last but not least, there's also an FM/AM tuner. Perfect for apartments and small flats, or for those of you who don't want a pile of separates, the Denon RBDX1000 is a stylish and very capable micro home cinema system. Specifications : Amplifier2 x 70 watts (6 Ohms)Blu RayPlays Blu-ray/BD-ROM/R/RE/Dual layer, DVD/-R/+R/-RW/+RW/Dual Layer, CD/-R/-RW, MP3. Easy to use navigation, repeat and shuffle modes. BD-Live function for accessing extra on-line movie contentCompatibilitySupport direct digital connection to most iPods with a 30-pin dock connector and the iPhoneFinishBlack with brushed fascia.NetworkingEthernet networking (via RJ45 connection) for BD-Live functions. *A USB memory stick may be required for BD-Live data storageSocketsREAR: HDMI out (supports full 1080p HD resolutions and audio) Composite video out (via RCA/phono) 2 x Stereo line in (via 2 pairs RCA/phono - ideal for connecting additional devices such a TVs or computers) Subwoofer pre-out (for connection to powered subwoofer) Stereo speaker outputs (via 4mm banana plug/binding posts) USB (for connection of compatible memory sticks or flash drives) Ethernet (network) LAN socket (via RJ45 connection, for downloading BD-Live content) Antenna sockets Dock control port for connection to compatible iPod dock such as the ASD51N or ASD51W FRONT: USB (for direct digital connection to iPod/iPhone or connection of compatible memory sticks or flash drives. Headphone socket (via 3.5mm stereo minijack) Stereo line (aux) in (via 3.5mm stereo minijack - ideal for connecting iPods or portable MP3 players)Sound systemStereo speaker outputs with 'virtual surround' functions. Supports Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital, DTS-HD and DTSSupplied  accessoriesRemote control with batteriesTunerFM/AM reception with preset functionW x H x D (mm)280 x 105 x 308Weight (kg)4.6

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