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Oktava MK 102 Black

SKU: APA2019-02152
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    2 Years Warranty
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  • 36  Instalments
  • 2 years warranty
    2 Years Warranty
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The MK-102 features a small physical profile and flat, extended frequency response – qualities not typically found together in large diaphragm mics.

The Capsule

The MK-102 features a large 27.5 mm condenser capsule using all-brass backplate construction, precision-drilled pattern control holes and optimal 5 micron diaphragm for classic LDC microphone presence on vocals or instruments.

Capsule Housing & Body

A close-fitting housing surrounds the capsule and allows the front diaphragm to function in free-air without internal headbasket reflections. In addition, the MK-102’s unique capsule and body orientation reduces reflections between the microphone and the sound source. The MK-102 body disappears completely behind the capsule head when the mic is aimed at the sound source. This leaves only the capsule diaphragm exposed to the sound source for minimal reflections and clear-sounding recordings.

The Circuit

The MK-102 uses the same transformerless circuit found in the renowned MK-012 (over 90,000 in use worldwide) to deliver the alluring sound of direct phantom power applied to a large diaphragm capsule.

The Sound

On-axis - The MK-102 offers a smooth and extended frequency response with clean and accurate top end free from the harsh, excessively bright sound found in many modern microphones. Off-axis - Frequency response from 90 through 180 degrees closely resembles the on-axis sound and the attenuation of sound over this angular range is exceptionally smooth. The MK-102 excels where the recordist desires a large diaphragm cardioid condenser mic with a flat frequency response that is maintained from 0 to 180 degrees to achieve a natural room sound spectral balance.


  • Freq. Response, Hz: 20-20000
  • Output sensitivity, mV/Pa: 16
  • Max SPL, dB for 0,5% THD: 120
  • Self Noise (DIN), dBa: <18
  • Output impedance, ohm: 150
  • Powering, V: 48
  • Switches: -10dB Pad
  • Weight, g: 230
  • Length /  capsule diameter / body diameter, mm: 123 / 40 / 20

Included in delivery:

  • 1 x microphon body (preamp)
  • 1 x MK-102 capsule
  • 1 x -10dB pad
  • 1 x mic holder
  • 1 x wooden box

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