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Prodipe ST-1 MK2 Lanen

SKU: APA2018-21519
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A reference that has become essential!

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  • 36  Δόσεις
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The ST-1 MK2 Lanen, designed on the basis of the STC-3D MK2, is one of the only condenser microphones on the market, equipped with a real 34mm large diaphragm capsule, with a gold-plated one-inch diaphragm, in this price range.

Almost all of the other brands speak of a large membrane, for capsules from 16 to 19mm and the difference is significant!

Unlike "entry-level" products, which are often too cold and too bright, with less full sound in the bass and lower midrange, the ST-1 MK2 Lanen perfectly reproduces the definition and warmth of the recorded source.


  • Type of mic : Condenser mic
  • Brand : Prodipe
  • Delivered with : delivered with its clip and its cover
  • Directivity : cardioid
  • Impedance : output :100Ω±30% (at 1 kHz)
  • Load impedance :≥1000Ω
  • Sensitivity : -37dB±2dB (0dB=1V/Pa at 1kHz)
  • Width capsule : 34 mm single-diameter one-inch
  • Frequency response : 20Hz-20kHz

Microphone's range :

  • Vocals mics
  • Instruments mics
  • String instruments mics
  • Wind instruments mics
  • Brass instruments mics
  • Accordions and bandoneons mics
  • Battery mics
  • Live mics
  • Studio mics

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