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Re-amping Made Easy! What do you do to make your guitar track thicker? Re-amp! The Radial Reamp JCR is the latest incarnation of the fabled John Cuniberti Reamp products, and it is ready for all your re-amping needs. Why use just one amp on a track? Why not take the dry guitar signal and put it through another amp, or new effects, and re-amp it? With the Radial Reamp JCR it is easier than ever. The JCR takes care of your impedance, phase and connectivity issues, making re-amping quick and simple.Radial Reamp JCR Passive Re-amping Device at a Glance: * Get more out of your tracks with re-amping * Input Control and Noise-free Output * Solid construction Get more out of your tracks with re-amping With the Radial Reamp JCR you can take a pre-recorded guitar track, and send it through a second distortion pedal and amplifier and then slightly delay the track to add a thick doubling effect. You could also use the Reamp JCR from a voice track to a distortion pedal to ad some grit to a performance. Input Control and Noise-free OutputThe Radial Reamp JCR features include balanced line level input, a custom USA-made transformer that converts your signal impedance for use with guitar amps, three-position filter switch, 180-degree polarity reverse to bring your signal into phase, and ground lift options for noise-free operation.Solid constructionAs with all Radial products, the Reamp JCR is built like a tank to provide years of trouble-free performance. A welded I-beam internal skeleton provides a separate housing for maximum protection against external forces, which may cause stress on the PC board assembly while the outside bookend cover provides a protective zone for the switches, potentiometer and connectors. A full bottom no-slip pad performs double duty by keeping the Radial Reamp JCR from sliding around when placed on a vibrating amplifier while also providing electrical and mechanical isolation. Radial Reamp JCR Passive Re-amping Device Features: * Custom transformer * Passive design * 14-Gauge steel welded I-beam construction * Ground lift switch - recessed to prevent accidental use * Phase inverter * Mute switch * Tone control * XLR and TRS inputs * TS outputRe-amping is made simple with the Radial Reamp JCR!Tech Specs* Type: DI * Channels: 1 * Polarity Switch: Yes * Ground Lift: Yes * Inputs: 1 x XLR, 1 x TRS * Outputs: 1 x TS * Height: 2" * Width: 3.5" * Depth: 5.5" * Weight: 2.2 lbs. * Manufacturer Part Number: R800 1030 00

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Borrowing the same award-winning microphone preamplifiers found on their 744T digital portable interface, the Sound Devices USBPre 2 provides one of the highest quality portable interfaces available for both Mac and Windows computers. The USBPre 2 is equipped with a pair of fully discrete, transistor-based XLR inputs and impressively lucid 24-bit converters that are capable of up to 192kHz sample rates.Additional inputs for line-level sources and consumer audio electronics, as well as S/PDIF optical Toslink digital devices are also available. A 23-segment, multicolor LED meter provides you with the essential feedback you need to keep an eye on your levels, and are an invaluable asset when using the USBPre 2 as a standalone preamp and A-to-D converter.The MM-1 is at home in high-definition television production, corporate/industrial environments, radio/television announce booths, and music production.Its headphone monitor is an advantage in applications where communications channels or mix-minus feeds need to be monitored in headphones. The user can monitor both microphone audio and external audio sources in headphones with level control. The MM-1 is designed to be durable. Its aluminum chassis, oversized end panels, machined knobs, and panel mounted connectors assure reliable mechanical operation.Sound Devices’ MM-1 is a single-channel, portable microphone preamplifier with a powerful headphone monitoring function. Proven in mission-critical applications, the high-performance microphone preamplifier uses a transformer-balanced input and output with a bipolar ±15 volt power supply to produce low-noise, low-distortion gain at all switch positions. It features an “unclippable” dual-stage limiter and two-position high-pass filter. Flexible microphone powering provides phantom power at 48 volts Χαρακτηριστικά:Maximum of 66 dB of gain, in eleven discrete stepsDynamic range exceeding 120 dB10 Hz to 50 kHz audio bandwidthHigh immunity to RF interferenceHigh current line output driverTransformer-balanced input and outputExtended range peak limiter via dual opto-isolators makes preamplifier virtually “unclippable”Selectable 48-volt / 12-volt phantom power or 12-volt “T” powerHigh-pass filter @ 80 or 160 Hz, 6 dB per octaveHeadphone monitoring of microphone audio, monitor audio, or a mix of bothMonitor input accepts mono, balanced or unbalanced line-level inputs on 1/4-inch tip-ring-sleeve connectorSeparate level control of Monitor gain and overall headphone gainSplit ear function via DIP switchesInternal battery power (two-AA)Excellent battery life with alkaline and NiMH rechargeable batteriesExternal 5-17 VDC poweringHigh-strength aluminum chassis with durable belt clip 

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