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Drum Machine

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Organic Grooves For Unplugged Musicians Introducing the DR-01S Rhythm Partner, the world’s first virtual percussionist designed specifically for acoustic musicians. Unlike the rhythm machines used by electronic musicians and DJs, the DR-01S is packed with organic percussion sounds and simple, versatile grooves that tastefully complement the unplugged experience. It’s an ideal companion for acoustic guitar and vocals, and just as powerful with ukulele, violin, piano, and other types of acoustic instruments. The friendly interface on the DR-01S makes it easy to cater beats and variations to suit any style, while the onboard speaker provides high-quality sound that blends perfectly with acoustic instruments. And with battery-powered operation, you can take your rhythm partner everywhere you go. Whether playing solo or with friends, the inspiring DR-01S brings a new level of enjoyment to all your acoustic music sessions. The Perfect Rhythm Partner for Unplugged Music One of the great joys of acoustic music is that it’s simple and uncomplicated—you just grab your instrument and start playing. The DR-01S flows seamlessly with that relaxed unplugged vibe, offering a friendly panel interface, all-in-one design, and tasteful, understated grooves that enhance any acoustic music style without getting in the way. Via dedicated buttons, you can call up all sorts of beats and variations, layer up to seven instruments together to create your own unique rhythms, and save up to 50 favorites for later recall. Volume, tempo, and time signature can be adjusted with just a few touches, and it’s easy to add a count-in before the rhythm starts. You can even fade out grooves to create polished endings for your songs. Expressive Percussion Instruments and Grooves The DR-01S takes full advantage of the acclaimed rhythm machine and sound development history of BOSS and its parent company Roland. A large variety of authentic acoustic percussion sounds are on board, including shakers, maracas, tambourines, congas, bongos, bells, cajon, and many more. There’s even a full drum kit with acoustic and electronic sounds, perfect for when you want to rock up your acoustic jams. Every instrument category includes lots of expressive grooves created by acoustic percussionists, giving you a wide range of organic backing for any unplugged style. Impressive Sound in a Compact Design With its integrated audio system, the DR-01S produces warm, full sound that blends right in with the natural tones of your acoustic instruments. BOSS’s advanced approach combines an innovative cabinet design, custom speaker, and a high-efficiency amplifier to deliver impressive sound in a highly portable package. And when you want to take your rhythm partner to the stage, just connect the line out into your acoustic amp or PA system. Hands-Free Control with Optional Footswitches While you can access all DR-01S functions from the front panel, it’s often handy to perform some operations while keeping both hands on your instrument. And by connecting one or two optional footswitches, you can. There are a variety of assignable functions to choose from, including start/stop, tempo up/down, tap tempo, pattern variation, and many more. It’s also possible to trigger nearly any DR-01S percussion sound by foot, great for manually tapping out beats as you play.

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Ψηφιακό Drum Synthesizer -Wavedrum Global- νέας γενιάς με ενσωματωμένη μονάδα DSP. Χαρακτηριστικά: 24 bit AD/DA convertion επιφάνεια διπλής λειτουργίας που επιτρέπει τη διαμόρφωση του ήχου σε πραγματικό χρόνο ανάλογα με τον τρόπο αφής. Διαθέτει 60 DSP presets 400 PCM δείγματα 140 Loops Δύο εφέ (Reverb και Delay) L/R Outputs/AUX IN Περιλαμβάνεται τροφοδοτικό και κλειδί χορδίσματος της μεμβράνης.

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16 GB internal memory supports up to 50 hours of mono sample storage, eliminating the need to carry additional external memoryAbleton Live Lite license included for sophisticated sample creationSparkling Red finish for a distinctive look on the stageNine easy-to-play, velocity-sensitive rubber pads with LED illumination for dark stagesMulti-Pad Sampling allows you to sample directly into the SPD-SX — simply choose a pad, and then strike it to start samplingThree onboard multi-effects processors (master effect and two kit effects) for powerful real-time sound processing while performingEasily import, assign, and organize samples by connecting to your computer via USB and using the included Wave Manager software

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Music production controller χωρίς να απαιτείται χρήση Υ/Η, 16x ευαίσθητα περιστροφικά knobs για παραμετροποίηση, 7x knobs για gain - mix & level ρύθμιση, 2 MIDI inputs - 4 MIDI Outputs, οθόνη 10.1” LCD. Το λογισμικό που προσφέρει διαθέτει πάνω από 10Gb βιβλιοθήκη ήχων, 8 configurable CV/Gate outputs for the analog control of modular gear, 2 θύρες USB-A 3.0 για thumb drives ή MIDI controllers.Eλάχιστες απαιτήσεις συστήματος:Controller Mode: Windows 8.1 or newerController Mode: Mac OS X 10.10.5 or newerMPC 2.0: Minimum 2GB free disk space (20GB for all content), Minimum 4GB RAM (8GB recommended), Minimum Dual-core 2.5GHz CPU 

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Φορητό drum machine με εφέ, EQ, 12 pads  με ευαισθησία. 32MB με ήχους κρουστών και μπάσου (περισσότερους από 500 drum και 50 μπάσου ήχους)Ενσωματωμένα effects: reverbs, EQs, και  compressionDrum Roll function'Mute/Solo εφαρμογές : mute drums, bass, και  percussionΠεριλαμβάνει αντάπτορα,.(Τροφοδοτείται και με 6 μπαταρίες ΑΑ- δεν περιλαμβάνονται )Backlit LCD100 preset patterns, 100 user locations12 pads  με ευαισθησία.Είσοδοι: 1/4' instrument (κιθάρα)Έξοδοι: 1/4' stereo pair, 1/4' TRS, 1/4' TRS ακουστικών 

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Alesis SR-16 Drum machine. 4 έξοδοι (2x stereo). 12 pads με ευαισθησία. Ανάλυση 16/18-bit sample/DAC. 233 ήχοι, 16 νότες πολυφωνία. 12,000, patterns: 400 (200 user, 200 preset), 100, kits: 50 user, 50 preset. Λειτουργίες footswitch: start/stop, count/A/B/fill. Άλλες λειτουργίες: sound stacking, step editing, stereo samples.Tροφοδοσία : 9VAC, 235x38x165mm, 1.1Kg. Audio Outputs: 4 (2 stereo pairs)Pads: 12 velocity sensitive (w/Dynamic Articulation™)Sample/DAC Bit Resolution: 16/18Sounds: 233Sounds Accessible via Pads: 12Sounds Accessible via MIDI: 120Polyphony: 16 voicePanning: 7-position user programmableVelocity Response: 8 loudness levels via pads, 127 via MIDITiming Resolution: 96 ppqTime Signature Range: 1-128 beats per patternTempo Range: 20-255 bpmNotes/Patterns/Songs: 12,000/400 (200 user, 200 preset)/100Kits: 50 user, 50 presetMIDI Program Change Response: KitSync: MIDI Clock/Song Position PointerFootswitch Jacks/Functions: 2; start/stop, count/A/B/fillOther Features: Sound stacking, step editing, stereo samples with reverb and ambienceDynamic Articulation: Modulates tonePower: 9 VAC External Transformer, UL and CSA Approved

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