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Practical care set for basic cleaning. Lasting antistatic effect with Disco-antistat mixture, a special self-acting liquid that removes dust, dirt and dried liquids groove-deep and without residue. Features:The innovation in the wash cabinet is the practical closure of the axis.The included rubber seal in the seal cup prevents moistened Labels.With Disco Antistat Generation II you get no cleaning fluid on your hands. Also, due to the better looking WHITE color, you will see how dirty is the water. The set contains out of:Washing device with integrated brushes made out of goat hairLabel seal dish with suspension arrangement for LPs, Singles and 10 inch records.1 liter cleaning fluid Knosti Disco Antistat Mixture.Cone and filter for the later cleaning fluid recyclingDish rack with collecting pan for 15 LPs or Singles (can be stored after use in the washing device) After having washed a record is good practice to replace the inner sleeve to avoid recontamination. Furthermore, you may protect the record and its cover using a transparent outer sleeve.

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