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Όλα τα προϊόντα Audient

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Kάρτα Ήχου.

129 €
36 Δόσεις 4,45€ / μήνα
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EVO by Audient Evo-4 Κάρτα Ήχου.

111 €
36 Δόσεις 3,83€ / μήνα
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Audient ASP4816 in-line Recording and Mixing Console at a Glance:* Ergonomic in-line convenience * Flexible signal routing options * Superior onboard preamps and processing Ergonomic in-line convenienceIt's rare to find an old-school in-line console these days, but if you've ever worked on one, you know how incredibly convenient this format can be. Audient's ASP4816 mixing console integrates this same streamlined workflow in a 16-channel format, putting all of the controls you need within easy reach, without forcing you to buy more console than you need. That makes the ASP4816 the perfect console for your midsize studio - especially if you need to work quickly and efficiently. Flexible signal routing optionsWith 16 recording channels and 16 in-line mix channels, you can hardly call the ASP4816's basic routing ability limited. But to let you take full advantage of this format, Audient knew they'd have to include a powerful center section. One look at the ASP4816's master section, and you'll know they nailed it! 16-bus routing, plus six auxiliary buses, two dedicated cues sends, four stereo returns, and a comprehensive monitor section all contribute to the absolutely incredible toolset the ASP4816 gives you. Superior onboard preamps and processingOf course, all of the ergonomic convenience and routing flexibility in the world wouldn't matter if the ASP4816 didn't sound good. It sounds absolutely amazing! Engineered and developed from the ground up by console design legend David Dearden, it's little wonder that the ASP4816 is one of the best-sounding consoles on the market. Not only does it feature Dearden's incredible 4-band EQs and high-headroom Class A microphone preamplifiers, it also includes an absolutely phenomenal-sounding stereo bus compressor - perfect for adding that vital finishing touch to your recordings. Audient ASP4816 in-line Recording and Mixing Console Features:* The sound and feel of Audient's world-famous ASP8024 mixer in a compact and more affordable format * The perfect in-line recording console for midsize recording/production houses and educational facilities * Supreme sound quality designed by industry legend, David Dearden. * 16 x main channels each feature dual inputs (each with its own fader), as well as a Class A microphone preamplifier and a 4-band EQ * Flexible signal routing includes 16 x record buses, 6 x aux buses, 2 x cue sends, and 4 x stereo returns * Central section features a comprehensive monitor control section and a highly musical stereo-bus compressor.Get large-format convenience in a small, streamlined format with the Audient ASP4816 in-line recording and mixing console!

13.990 €
36 Δόσεις 482,98€ / μήνα
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AUDIENT iD44 Κάρτα Ήχου

299 €
36 Δόσεις 10,32€ / μήνα
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Kάρτα ήχου USB 2.0 με 2-in, 6-out high performance 24-bit/96kHz, 2 προενισχυτές μικροφώνου, έξοδο ακουστικών, main και εναλλακτικές  stereo εξόδους, optical in/out, Low latency και επιλογές F1,F2,F3- κουμπιά για preset ρυθμίσεις.Χαρακτηριστικά:Τύπος: USBΜετατροπέας: 24-bitΔειγματοληψία: 96 kHzΑναλογικές Είσοδοι: 2 XLR/ΤRSΑναλογικές Έξοδοι: 6 ΤRSΨηφιακές Είσοδοι: Optical In/OutPhantom Power +48V: NαιΈξοδος ακουστικών: Nαι

252 €
36 Δόσεις 8,70€ / μήνα
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