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Athens Pro Audio is the fastest growing audio company in the Greek market in recent years.

It is the dream of Chris Hatzistamou for a different company. A company that meets the real needs of every audiophile, musician, producer, sound engineer, student of music technology. A company that will address every music-loving professional and consumer, whose sound and reproduction of music are high in his priorities.

Having worked for 20 years as a mastering engineer on more than 5,000 records and having created Athens Mastering, one of the best mastering studios in the world, he felt the need for a different audio company that would be very close to the customers, transferring their vast experience, and leading them to the ideal choices of equipment based on their financial capabilities and their real needs.

Staffed with experienced and well-trained people, mainly sound engineers and musicians, with a common love for music and quality, Athens Pro Audio aspires to bring new ideas to the ever-increasing need for specialized services and equipment selection for professionals and consumers. Our online store is maybe the most popular online audio shop in the Greek market, and one of the most complete in Europe. It is the only store where you can find affordable solutions but also a series of excellent "boutique" products.

Our new physical store in the center of Athens with its special aesthetics and atmosphere offers an excellent experience to the visitor who can communicate directly with our sellers and listen to many demos. It has a complete range of professional and hi-fi audio solutions for the consumer, musician, sound engineer, producer, all music lovers, with competitive prices to the European market.

The success of Athens Pro Audio is based on:

1. Ease of ordering, since you can choose the products of your choice from home or studio, order them through our website, or by phone, and without hassle to have them in your hands within 24-48 hours throughout Greece.

2. Direct and friendly service in any way you order.

3. Real knowledge of the products. At Athens Pro Audio, a team of experienced salespeople with knowledge in all matters of sound is waiting for you every day on the phone to help you discuss your needs and make the right choices.

4. All kind of payments including Paypal and credit card with installments

5. Continuous support after the purchase of products. Specialized technicians undertake the setting up of the systems and guarantee their operational performance

6.High-quality service and technical support to all our customers.

Athens Pro Audio also represents as a distributor exclusively in the Greek market, leading companies such as:

Focal, Naim, Mytek, Micromega, Manley, Metric Halo, Prism Sound, Motu, Antelope, API, Bricasti, Blue microphones, Charter Oak, Dangerous Music, Grimm Audio, Grace Design, Golden Age, Elipson, Kii Audio, Lipinski, Nektar, Norstone, Royer, Thermionic Culture, TK Audio, Tangent, etc

At the same time, as a reseller of almost all companies in the Greek market, we can offer total solutions for all needs and aesthetic preferences, aiming at high standards of functionality and sound results.

Thank you for visiting our website and do not hesitate to contact us for any information!